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About Us

The best for your computer!

What is Not.

Agent Tesla is a software for monitoring your personel computer. It is not a malware. Please, don’t use for computers which is not access permission. Any use of the words "Slave", "Infect", "Bot", "Spread" or "Hack" will instantly cancel all your support, and if we have your username you will be banned.

What is Agent Tesla.

Agent Tesla is modern powerful keystroke logger. It provides monitoring your personel computer via keyboard and screenshot. Keyboard, screenshot and registered passwords are sent in log. You can receive your logs via e-mail, ftp or php(web panel).

What we Do.

Everyday, we grow up with develop. We start to be for the best software this way and continue with determination. We have developed log panel. Not only we have desktop software but also we have a new web site for this. Follow us for better...


Multilanguage Support

It working with UTF-8 formatting. All languages and keyboards supported.

Password Recovery

Agent Tesla will recover every password from client computer's web browsers and more applications. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Yandex, Opera, Outlook, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Internet Download Manager, JDownloader and more... (20+ Application)

3 Different Delivery

You can choose sending method (for log) with PHP, SMTP and FTP. It sends Keystoreke, clipboard, screenshot logs.

Web Panel

Your logs are sent very fast with PHP support. You can follow and delete your logs and personel computers.

7/24 Support

We are online everytime. We can help for your problems. Our purpose is give the best service as soon as possible.


If you determine an error, you can report this. We fix this error as soon as possible.


Your account will active after make payment.

Stable and Fast

Clean and functional, with writing code much faster and more stable work.

All Windows OS Supported

Agent Tesla supported Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. Require .NET Framework 2.0 or 4.0


Your file safe with Agent Tesla private encryption.

File Binder

Agent Tesla support all file extension. It can bind with different files. (image, audio, text etc.)

Auto Update

We updating Agent Tesla from web server. You just run builder, will update yourself.