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Legality, Privacy and Security

Is it legal to use Agent Tesla on my own computer?
It is completely legal to use Agent Tesla on your own computers that is used by your own.
Can I follow my children's computer use through Agent Tesla?
You can follow the using computer of children under your curatorship or underage or restricted persons under your tutelage.
Can I control the computers that are used by my employees at my workplace through Agent Tesla?
You can watch the computers at your workplace and you can follow your employees' usage through Agent Tesla. However, you should inform your employees or other people who use the computer about Agent Tesla and you should get a consent letter.
Can the data obtained through Agent Tesla be seen by the Agent Tesla seller?
The usage data obtained through Agent Tesla is absolutely invisible to us and you are solely responsible for all legal and criminal liability that data you record.
What can I do if I have trouble when use the product?
If you experience problems while using Agent Tesla, you can contact us through the channels(Skype, E-mail or Discord channel) that are demonstrated on our website and you can get the technical support you need about using Agent Tesla.


On which computers does Agent Tesla work?
Agent Tesla works on PCs with one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. The computer to be installed for Agent Tesla must also have Microsoft Framework 2.0 or later installed.
What is Agent Tesla Builder requirements?
Agent Tesla Builder dependencies Framework 4.5+. The computer to be installed for Agent Tesla Builder must also have Microsoft Framework 4.5 or later installed.
What is Web Panel requirements?
If you want use Web Panel delivery method, you should have following software(s) and extensions:
  • PHP 7.1 or later
  • MySQL 5.7 or later
  • IonCube Loader
  • PHP extensions: mbstring, mysqli, mcrypt, json
Can I use Agent Tesla on my Mac?
No. Agent Tesla is developed for the Windows operating system, so it will not work on your Mac or other OS's.
Does Agent Tesla run when my antivirus program is active?
You should disable all antivirus programs before run Agent Tesla builder. After building, there is a need to crypter software for your server to run when the antivirus programs are running. This crypter software is free in silver, gold and platinum packages. Otherwise, you will need to disable the antivirus system for Agent Tesla to work. We are in no way responsible for any issue because of the antivirus system is not open.
Agent Tesla crypter always FUD?
We can not guarantee this because we have a large user base, but we are constantly trying to keep FUD by making updates twice weekly.


How do I buy Agent Tesla?
You can buy Agent Tesla after registering to our website. Your membership will be activated after you have paid for the package you have selected.
Which payment methods are accepted?
You can also make payments via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.
If I withdraw after I buy Agent Tesla, can I get my fee back?
You cannot be refunded when you withdraw the sale of Agent Tesla since the goods are in the scope of "services that are instantly performed in electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer." according to Regulation on Distance Contracts Article 15 (1) (ğ).