All notices about Agent Tesla

  • Server has been cleaned. (
  • USB Spreader added.
  • Assembly Cloner fixed.
  • Password Recovery empty log bug fixed.
  • Stub size redoced.
  • Probably Web Panel will be release next update.
  • Outlook 2016 still testing.
Please delete old files and download again Agent Tesla.
Important: v3 builder require Framework 4.5. If you not have, please download link below.

  • Server has been cleaned. (
  • Some bugs has been fixed.
  • String obfuscator added to builder. It's will be protect your string information on server. (like mail address, password etc...)
  • Renamer added to builder for modules.
  • Server has been cleaned. (
  • Some bugs has been fixed.
  • Auto update problem has been fixed. After that, builder updates will be automatic.
  • Push notification added to website. You can subscribe for notifications ( for updates, patch and other informations.)

  • Multi language support added to builder. You can make your own language file and can share with us.
  • Offline keylogger added. If client computer not connect to Internet, it will save all logs to temp and will send all saved logs when connected to the Internet.
  • HWID checker added. HWID is reset every six hours.
  • Some bugs has been fixed.
  • Web panel activated again. Please put your domain for webpanel and watch new video( for installation.

Web Panel Requirements:
-PHP 5.5+
-Ioncube Loader

Dear users,

Today we would like to let you know that we have to stop our Web Panel service. The main reason for this is that some of the legal issues we have experienced and anti-virus software have taken our website on the black list. Also CloudFlare banned our IP addresses. So if we do log receveid on our website, it makes us harmful in every way. We hope that you, our valued users, will understand this situation.

After that you will be able to set up your log panel on your own server. All the files needed for the panel will be shared. We will give you all kinds of support in this regard. The logs you have stored up to this day will not be deleted. You can log in and view the log panel.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Server has been cleaned. (
  • Some bugs has been fixed.
  • Firefox module updated and errors fixed for some computers.
  • ZoneID remover added. (It will run after added your file add to startup)
  • Stabilization work has been done for keylogger.

  • Foxmail password recovery added.
  • TheBat! password recovery added.
  • Pocomail password recovery added.
  • WS_FTP password recovery added.
  • Opera Mail password recovery added.
  • Server size has been reduced (~100kb with all password recoveries).
  • Server has been cleaned. (

- Safari Password recovery added.

- WinSCP Password recovery added.

- Internet Explorer Password recovery improved.

- All AV's bypassed.

- Keyboard logger improved.

Please delete old version and download again Agent Tesla.

We are online again. Thanks for understanding.

  • POST method is developed.
  • User name encrypted in PHP method.
  • Website is developed and some problems have been fixed.
  • Screenshot activated again. We are using API’s now for screenshot server.
  • Log Panel is developed and some bugs fixed.

Please delete all old files and download again to Agent Tesla.


We are sorry from our customers. All screenshots deleted due to our web server’s problem. We contacted our web server company bu we can not solve the problem. We put under protection your logs and passwords , just your screenshots deleted. For now, screenshot button can not work. We are working on it. You can follow your logs and passwords.
Thank you for understanding…