Terms of Use

Effective date: September 30, 2018

1. USER accepts, declares and undertakes to use the contract software in accordance with the laws of the country in which he/she is located.

2. USER accepts, declares and undertakes use the contract software according to Turkish Law;
- On computers owned by the USER and used by the USER
- On computers used by children under eighteen (18) years old whom the USER is parenting
- On computers that are used by the wards of the USER
- Regardless of the ownership status; on the computers used by under aged or incapacitated persons via a letter of consent which is signed by their parents or guardians, on the computers used by adults via a letter of consent which is signed by adults themselves

3. In case of the software used against the local law, morality or the conditions stipulated in the second article of this contract; all legal and criminal responsibility belongs to the USER

4. Only the address and contact information are kept from the information given by the USER to the Application Provider. The Application Provider accepts, declares and undertakes not to share this data with unrelated third parties.

5. The usage data obtained from the target computers by the contract software is strictly unavailable by the Application Provider. All the responsibility for this data belongs to the USER. The USER is solely responsible for the deletion, loss or submission of third parties of data which is obtained via the contract software.

6. The Application Provider can inform the USER about the products using the contact information given by the USER, and can inform USER from the campaigns and new products.

7. USER shall not sell, distribute and copy contract software. If the Application Provider incurs a loss due to the unlawful use of the software, the USER is obligated to compensate Application Provider’s loss.